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Meet Eric Beroff of Spoiled Rotten USA in The Bronx, NY

September 13, 2018

A big thing that's missing from the clothing industry today is transparency. As more reports of garment factory workers being mistreated, underpaid, and victims of unsafe work environments reach our new stations, consumers are becoming more aware of the negative global impact of their desire for fast fashion.

At JOOB, we want to open up our entire supply chain to you. We want you to know how our products are made, where they are made, the fabrics used and their source of production, and what certifications (organic, recycled, OEKO-TEX for non toxic production, fair trade, etc) they carry. Our favorite part of this process is getting to meet (in person) all of our partners before going into production.

Eric Beroff, Spoiled Rotten USA. Image courtesy of CitySource Trade Show.

Eric Beroff is the founder and CEO of Spoiled Rotten USA, Inc, with facilities in The Bronx and Long Island, and production operations for some items in China.

Eric is the quintessential entrepreneur. He grew up around food and cooking, ran a restaurant then sold it, then built an apparel production enterprise that has gone through various ups and downs as is the typical ride for most who build businesses, sell them, and start new ones. You can tell he cares about the team he’s built and he takes pride that he’s helping his community grow.  He speaks fluent Spanish and dabbles in Mandarin, helping him with his teams here in the US and in China.

Pattern Cutter at Spoiled Rotten USA

The pattern cutter at Spoiled Rotten USA

Eric has been instrumental in producing our samples and patterns that come from Sean Bilovecky of The Pattern Makers in Ohio, and bringing these ideas to life.  I met him at his Bronx operations on a very hot Friday morning and he took me through his office and production floor. It was fascinating to learn about the various machines used for printing to cutting the rolls to the various sewing machines that have an array of capabilities well beyond what you typically think of a sewing machine.  Eric has a great team of cut and sew operators, and we talked about the work force pool moving to higher paying, higher tech jobs. He states that cut and sew is not a low skill job, and he’s working on how best to educate and excite new workers in order to build and grow his team in the Bronx.

During my visit, we worked through our latest prototypes and discussed modifications. I look forward to supporting Eric’s production team as we launch the JOOB brand!

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