JOOB Men's Sun Hoodie

Using our 100% Recycled PET material that is use in our tees and tie tank, we've designed a tailored fit sun hoodie, UPF 50, perfect for any outdoor activity.  Front zipper pocket, longer tail in the back when you are in those stretchy positions and want things covered up.  Simple tie string hoodie to keep the sun off the ears and neck.  Thumb hole to provide extra sun protection to the hands.  Lightweight (150 gsm = ~4.4 oz per yard) yet durable for whatever activity you have going on. 

Material is treated with Chitosante, made from natural biomass that comes from crab and/or shrimp shells that  prevents growth of bacteria, keeping your shirt fresh, hygienic, and odor resistant.  It also adds a non-static smooth feel to the hoodies.  

Product Has Arrived! - Apologies for the not so great lifestyle images, we'll have more images later this summer as our ambassadors head out with our gear.  We will also be selling our Sun Hoodies at our PopUp store on 309 Main St in Ann Arbor when that opens end of April-ish.  


Material - 100% Recycled post consumer PET

Lt Grey
Ink Blue

Type: Unknown Type

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