The O-Coat

It's 5 degrees Celsius, or 42 degrees F, whatever your preference.  Either way, it's raining, and that dampness chills your bone.  You may be going to work, or heading to the airport on a trip, or simply doing your daily thing.  You aren't going on an expedition, so your 5 pound $1,000 dollar coat is a bit much. Enter the O-Coat.  Perfect for the just above freezing days with rain threatening.  It's light, tailored fit is equipped with a breathable yet waterproof membrane.  And the recycled polyester fleece lining keeps you snug while the recycled poly stretch exterior keeps you dry.
Charcoal w/Charcoal Lining
Black w/Charcoal Lining
Sapphire w/Charcoal Lining

Type: Men's O-Coat