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Lofoten Norway - Travel Tips from a JOOB Collaborator

June 18, 2020

Francisco Cao Zen has been a big fan of JOOB - and we are a big fan of Francisco's innovative videos and photography.   One recent trip was to Lofoten - an archipelago in Norway - before the coronavirus hit.  Check out the quick video here, shot in Lofoten.  

JOOB asked Francisco to give a few tips for those considering a trip out to Lofoten in the future as we all start to slowly come out of quarantine and stay at home orders.  Check out the tips below and some travel reference sites.  

  • Rent a car - 4X4 preferably - While there is some public transport and ferries,  the archipelago is full of spots out of the way where you'll want to stop, get out, and explore.  Having your own transport is key - go explore the many villages, mountains, and beaches - having your own transport means no timetable, no rush. 
  • Weather is highly variable, plan for everything - The reason to have a 4X4 is that you can get snow/hail/rain when the day starts off sunny and no sign of bad weather.   Clothes-wise it's good to have layers and options as the weather goes from nice to wet to ice.  My JOOB Day Pack was perfect for holding my camera and extra layers for the day. 
  • AirBnB - The places to stay here are amazing, you can stay in a reconstructed fisherman's cottage and many other local options.  I recommend staying somewhere in the middle of the islands so you can maximize the time getting to all points around the archipelago.  
  • Favorite location - Svolvaer was a favorite and is very popular.  The village is just so beautiful, with amazing buildings, fjords, fishing tours, and shops. 

Francisco mentioned that Tremso was a great place for the Northern Lights, but perhaps that was just the timing from his trip as there seems to be many Northern Lights tours in Lofoten.  

JOOB appreciates the images and video, Francisco!  Safe travels to all. 

Travel Source 1 - Rental car options and other traveling tips to Lofoten

Travel Source 2 - AirBnB link to Lofoten stays and experiences.

Travel Source 3 - Trip Advisor Svolvaer planner

Travel Source 4 - Northern Lights Planning in Lofoten

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