Original Nylon Cap

Size Guide
JOOB Size Guide - Hats

High Crown vs. Low Crown
A high crown hat has a taller, more squared peak. A low crown hat has not as steep of an angle and is the most commonly used.

5-Panel vs. 6-Panel
A 5-Panel hat's front seam stops near the top of the hat. On a 6-Panel hat the front is two separate panels.

Flat Brim vs. Curved Brim
A brim (sometimes called the bill) is the stiff peak projecting in front of the cap. A flat brim is horizontally flat and a curved brim has a natural curve to it.

Snapback vs. Velcro
Both types of straps are adjustable. Snapbacks consist of two pieces of plastic that snap together where as velcro is a standard hook-and-loop fastener.

Regular vs. Small
Regular (58 cm or 22.84 in circumference), Small (54 cm or 21.26 in)

We have a limited number of our original 6 panel, low crown, curved brim caps from our Kickstarter campaign.  Comes in regular size and velcro closure.

Why It's Good For You

  • Low crown, curved visor with black under-visor color helps you protect against the sun and keep you cool.
  • Ultra-fit stretch comfort for tailored fit
  • Black sweatband to hide dirt and grime
  • Cool colors to add style to any activity

Why It's Good For The Planet

  • Ethically sourced from Pukka's production partner in China
  • Unavoidable emissions offset by carbon reducing projects managed by Carbon Neutral, JOOB's partner that manages carbon projects across the globe.
Care Instructions: You can wash the caps in the washing machine but no spin cycle, or dishwasher with not dry cyle. Or you can do the old fashioned hand wash. Hang Dry.

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