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Post-Kickstarter Production Update #2

February 27, 2019

Since our Kickstarter was successfully funded this past November, we've been cranking across a number of fronts, including production of the initial JOOB assortment and construction of the JOOB HQ. Here are a few updates:

Day Packs

We received the production prototype a few weeks ago and have been testing it out. Our designer Stephen Jones flew out to China to work with our current plant and visited a few fair trade partners in Thailand and Vietnam, and has been researching the use of sustainable fabrics for upcoming versions of the Day Pack. We have a few tweaks to make and will make one final prototype before production. This may move the pack delivery to May but we are working to try to get the design finished in April. We'd rather have it right than rush, so will keep you posted as we head into production.

The plant surprised Stephen with an additional color pack: Coal Black!

We also tested the Khaki & Olive pack and the White & Sky Blue on a recent ski trip. We were able to provide a lot of good feedback back to the plant to make the fit perfect and the capabilities work well for those using the pack across a variety of activities. We love the White & Sky Blue colorway as a ski pack.


Fish Tees and Recycled Poly Tees

The fabric for our two tee styles has arrived at our zero waste cut and sew partner in Thailand, and we'll begin production as the plant receives the tags and care labels we are finishing. We're doing something pretty unique with the tags by adding a QR code that users can scan and receive information about their product - where the fabric is sourced, where the cut and sew operations are, what the care for the fabric is, etc.  We want to provide as much information on our products and be as transparent as possible on the product, its sustainability, and how best to care for it.  This database of our products will be updated as the product versions change, giving us a digital history of our supply chain. Check out the initial mock up of our product codes (right).

Solar Panels at JOOB HQ

We've been collaborating with local solar panel installation companies, and because our warehouse/HQ has a southerly facing roof deck, it's ideal for the application of solar panels. We're estimating that about 98% of our power can come from solar. We'll be working on the installation in parallel to the interior renovation.

The O-Coat, The Check Button Down, and Everywhere Bottoms

All are progressing through final pattern and size grading to move into production at our Brooklyn New York cut and sew partner.  We are on track for April delivery for Kickstarter orders and will open our online store shortly after.


That's it for now. Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram as we continue to test our products and build the JOOB business. Already loving your Alana Cap or MiiR Camp Cup? Share your photos on Instagram and tag us @joobwear for a regram!

Best, Nicha & John

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