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Sep 12, 2020 - Sep 12, 2020

JOOB is proud to host BYOC CO, a Chelsea Michigan startup that is working toward a zero waste world by offering cleaning products without plastic containers.  So bring your containers and fill up on amazing soaps, detergents, and shampoos and help reduce plastic. 

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Suds for the River

Huron River Watershed Council
Sep 10, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020

Although we will miss raising a glass with you on the banks of the Huron River for our annual fundraiser, we still have so much to celebrate.  Join in the virtual celebration by donating and getting a passport to tour our local craft brewers and a chance to win some cool gifts.  

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JOOB Pop Up Store

JOOB’s Pop-Up at Muir Valley in Slade, Kentucky
Oct 10, 2020 - Oct 11, 2020

Team JOOB is headed out to support the climbing community and to support the preservation of Muir Valley for climbers, hikers, and lovers of nature.   Look for our 10X10 tent and grab some stickers and goodies, and learn more about JOOB.  Sign up for a raffle to win free gear as well! Check our events page and social posts for updates!

Detroit Marathon Expo

Detroit Free Press and TCF Bank
Oct 16, 2020 - Oct 17, 2020

Since 1978, runners from all over the world have traveled to Detroit to take part in our marathon. It's become an event that encompasses people from all walks of life, not just elite runners.

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Oct 24, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020

All courses are wide, hilly single track trail that will kick your butt! We love it and hope you will too!

The Road Ends Course is five tough but beautiful miles along the Crooked Lake path! As hilly as any section of the half or full marathon, this is a kick butt trail course that is sure to please ... and beat you to a pulp!

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Michigan Recycles Annual Conference

Michigan Recycling Coalition
Oct 05, 2020 - Oct 06, 2020

Press Mentions

Climate Neutral Certified: 37 Outdoor Brands to Support Today

Let’s be honest, though our intentions may be good, trying to buy eco-friendly products that are sustainably made is a bit of a minefield. With so many factors to consider, from air miles and production processes to packaging and materials, it can be hard to know how ‘eco-friendly’ our choices actually are.

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Best Camping Mugs for Backcountry Brews and Campsite Coffees

Camping mugs are such a seemly unimportant addition to your camping checklist. An extra that you can live without, right? Wrong! Though you’ll certainly survive without having a nice looking, insulating mug that feels great to hold and drink from, having one only makes the whole camping affair all the more enjoyable. At least I sure think so! It just doesn’t get much better than snuggling around a campfire with one of the best camping mugs you can get your mitted hands on, filled with your favourite drink.

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13 Sustainable Menswear Essentials You Need For Summer 2020

Summer is right around the corner, and ready or not, here she comes! It’s time to pack up your coats, beanies, and scarves and bring out shorts, tees, swim trunks, and casual wear. A few new items never hurt, either. The best part? You guessed it! All sustainable and GOOD for the Earth. Sustainable summer clothes for men shouldn’t be hard to find. We did the dirty work, we rounded up 13 essentials you NEED this summer!

Eco-friendly activewear brand launches in Ann Arbor

Joob Activewear launched its website on July 15 for customers to purchase gear. The company is renovating a 2,000-square-foot warehouse at 5007 Jackson Road to move into, owner John Ames, Jr. said. The brand aims to focus on using materials that can be recycled and offering a percentage of its profits to environmentally conscious organizations.

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Ann Arbor couple create climate-neutral activewear company

Pairing a vision of creating a triple-bottom-line business with a love for outdoor activity, Ann Arbor couple John Ames Jr. and Nicha Sangiampornpanit have launched a climate-neutral clothing company, JOOB Activewear.

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Check out Joob Activewear, a new eco-friendly activewear brand

Joob Activewear is a very young brand, launched only in mid-July this year, but it’s already very serious about its sustainability-related partnerships and initiatives. Joob’s headquarters is solar powered, and many of the company’s products are made from sustainable fabrics such as merino, umorfil, lyocell, and recycled polyester, and they promise to look for better alternatives for those products that aren’t yet made with more environmentally friendly fabric.

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Climate Neutral: How to shop for certified eco-friendly products

Looking to shop for eco-friendly products? Climate Neutral certifies brands to help you navigate the best ones — and help reduce environmental impact.

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