Our 2022 Reduction Plan

1. Continue Solar Use, Compostable Packaging, Ground Shipment to Customers

We are on our second full year of solar power for JOOB's HQ, which produced 2X the power required, enabling us to feed the power grid and store credits. We also shipped out all products in 2021 using our TIPA compostable packaging - meaning our packaging returns to dirt when put into home composts. We'll also continue to ship slow to customers. No one needs to have their product air-shipped.

2. Take out gas heating in JOOB HQ

This was a goal of ours in 2021 but with most contractors full out and not available for small jobs, we did not meet this goal in 2021. We are hoping to convert our old gas heater at our HQ to electric, in order to have a truly climate neutral HQ all tied to our solar power.

3. Find a recycled nylon source for Everywhere pants

As we learned about the difficulty in recycling nylon, we found a source that is providing brands with a possible recycled nylon option. We'll pursue this as an alternative to the virgin nylon/spandex found in our everywhere pants.

4. Find replacement for cotton tee

We're continuing on our quest to find a better material than cotton, which uses a lot of water and questionable labor to produce. Last year we focused on a tencel merino blend but it was itchy, so we are looking at some cellulosic options now. Stay tuned, slow fashion fans.

5. Continue to Develop Products Using Sustainable Fabrics and Fair Trade Partners

We have been searching for a partner to make waterproof slings out of recycled tires, perhaps our first prototype will get done this year. We've found a good potential partner in EU/India so stay tuned.

6. WFH 2-3 times per week, limit business travel to 1-2 trips for the year

The pandemic has proven that work from home can work, and we'll continue this as much as possible for the JOOB team in 2022. We'll also limit our business trips to only those on-site photo trips. Sorry Delta :(

Our Sustainability Partners

Climate Neutral is an independent non-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world by putting a price on carbon emissions. We are enlisting brands in the fight against climate change by showing them that measuring and paying for their carbon emissions is cheaper and easier than they think.
HRWC is working to rehabilitate the Huron River and the watershed that surrounds it. We invest 1% of our revenues in local environmental initiatives through our partner Huron River Watershed Council.
One Percent for the Planet is an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to address the most pressing environmental issues facing our planet.