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Post-Kickstarter Production Update

January 11, 2019

As we return from holiday travel and get back into the swing of things at JOOB HQ, we wanted to give an update on our production schedule and other happenings since our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign: 

Stickers and Early Bird Delivery of Caps & Cups - Anyone who ordered the caps or cups during our Kickstarter campaign should have received them before Christmas. If you did not, please contact us! We’ve already received great feedback and a few photos with the product. Please help spread the love by sharing your posts on Instagram and tagging @joobwear.

Apparel Production Update

The Superfine Merino Beanies are just about ready for full production. The last prototype fits great and we are updating the color palette to include Charcoal mix, Black, Twilight, Moroccan, Military, and Caribbean. Nicha and I tested them on a recent ski trip, and found they work great underneath ski helmets or alone, and are super smooth and comfortable. Based on your feedback, we’ve modified the beanie tag to be more square and will have the JOOB green with white logo and lettering on the black, charcoal, and twilight caps. 

Here's the color palette for the Beanies:

Caps - As we fulfill the orders for our Alana Caps and JOOB Nylon/Trucker Caps for our Kickstarter backers, we're already developing our next set of caps. Based on your feedback, we'll offer snap back closures and a smaller size as well as lower crown options.

The Fish Tee will now will come in slate blue, along with black, and we’ll be testing if we can make a v-neck in addition to the crew neck. The slate blue sample is below – what do you think?

We’re in final fitting for our Check Button Down, our Everywhere Shorts and Pants, and the O-Coat. We have another round of fitting this week and will probably do one final round to make sure everything fits great. We're still on track for our April delivery schedule for our Kickstarter backers.

We've also updated the color palette for the Everywhere Shorts and Pants to the colors below:

The Day Pack has been to 3 continents (follow its progress on Instagram @joobwear!) so far and we’ve had nothing but great reviews on our initial prototype. The final production samples should be arriving at JOOB HQ next week and we are excited to see them. The four production colors are below. I can’t wait to try the white with sky blue on the slopes and on the flats, and the dark green and light olive colors are perfect for a day hike!

JOOB Pack colors


UPF Ratings

Sun protection has always been a priority for our clothing. We’ve tested all of our fabrics for use in shirts, coats, beanies, tees, and bottoms and they all have a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 30 and above! This information will be included in what you'll find when you scan the QR code label on all of our items, as well as the end to end supply chain, material content and care information, and the textile and production source.

JOOB HQ/EComm Warehouse

Initial demo plan and floor plan have been finalized for the JOOB Headquarters/e-commerce warehouse, and work should begin in the next few weeks to have the space ready to receive inventory in April. We’ve included the addition of solar panels in the design so we can strive to minimize our emissions impact with the new place.

JOOB HQ plans

Production Partners

We’re so excited to have secured a fair trade partner that has a zero-waste facility in Thailand to make our Fish and Poly Anna tees. The factory is spotless, incorporates Toyota production process principles, pays well above minimum wage, and promotes skills development with their team so they can learn beyond their current position. I’m super psyched to have this partner, Goodstart Smart Factory, collaborating with JOOB.

Our Brooklyn partner who has been instrumental in final style and size grading and production is JKim New York. We were lucky to find this team to bring the final design to life. Joanne Yeung is awesome to work with and we are pleased to have a US cut and sew source to complement our global fair trade partners.

That's all for now - we'll share more as we build JOOB HQ and final apparel production takes place!

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