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Welcome To The O-Coat

November 08, 2019

You know what I’m talking about. 

The days when temperatures flirt with freezing but don’t quite make it, when a slight drizzle drips methodically from the clouds and you need something to keep you comfortable without being too heavy.

Well, we experienced this feeling a lot which inspired the newest addition to our outerwear collection, the O-Coat. We are so excited to talk with you today about this awesome product. 

What is the O-Coat?

Made from recycled and sustainable materials, the O-Coat is designed to keep you warm while also adding style to your everyday look. 

The O-Coat is perfect for days that aren’t cold enough for a winter jacket and aren’t warm enough for a spring layer. It is designed to keep you comfortable and dry in a neat, stylish package. 

Whether you are traveling for work, heading off on your next adventure, or doing your daily thing, the O-Coat is a great addition to your routine. This coat has a light, tailored fit that is stylish enough for a work trip but relaxed enough for an evening out. It also offers a breathable and waterproof membrane, keeping you dry and comfortable.  

What is it made of?

Our Brooklyn, NY made coat is created from recycled and sustainable materials. It has a 94% recycled polyester exterior and a 100% recycled poly fleece interior and uses GRS gold level REPREVE yarns from Unifi, a leading supplier of recycled polyester threads based in Greensboro, NC. 

The breathable but waterproof membrane between the fleece and outer layer is made from a company out of Taiwan called DingZing - that makes biodegradable films and produces zero waste water.  They are going to all solar power in the near future.  We are psyched to use their films in our O-Coat.  

The O-Coat also has eco-friendly maintenance as it doesn’t need to be dried. This is an often overlooked element of being environmentally friendly - do you need to use the dryer or dry cleaning for your coat?  This can contribute to the lifetime environmental impact clothing can have.  For the O-Coat, you can hand or machine wash in cold and air dry the coat. Each coat is even made from about 60 PET bottles, furthering its environmental impact.

As we have recently learned about the microplastics issue, it's best to use the GUPPYFRIEND wash bag if you choose to machine wash the O-Coat. This keeps microplastics from entering waterways (read more in our blog about plastics and microplastics).  

During production and shipping, there are some unavoidable carbon emissions. To combat this, we partner with South Pole, a company that manages 700+ carbon projects across the globe and offsets all of JOOB's unavoidable emissions.  Our partners at Carbon Neutral along with South Pole have both certified JOOB as being a climate-neutral organization across all of our products.  

When can I get it?

Our O-coat is now available for purchase. Simply follow the link to get started!

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