Our Partners

Our partners have helped us from product and logo design, testing gear, providing inspiring images, and most importantly sharing our values of developing a sustainable, climate neutral company. Without these partners our products and our message wouldn't exist. Some of these partners are compensated, others just want to help us out and give us guidance and test gear. We love them all. Check them out and their links below.

Joanne Yeung
New York

Joanne is our partner at MCM Enterprises out of Brooklyn, and has been instrumental in bringing many of our products to market including our O-Coat, Beanies, and Everywhere pants and shorts. From initial prototyping to production to digitzing patterns - they have been a great partner.

PiBoon Manatpon
Bangkok, Thailand

Piboon is our fair trade partner out of Bangkok. He has a zero waste, low GHG factory that he designed and built modeling Toyota Production Systems processes - enabling his team to use small lot size, employee driven autonomy and quality control. His team is cross trained to develop every workers skills, and he pays well above average wages for Thailand. He has his own line of triathlete and sports wear he sells in Thailand - and is an avid triathlete himself.

Paul King
Vancouver, BC

Paul heads up Kendor Textiles and has taught JOOB what sustainable textiles is all about. He and his team have developed a unique partnership with mills around the world who are innovating and developing safer, environmentally friendly materials for brands to use. He's introduced us to the various certifications that identify sustainable fabrics, and continues to bring us new patterns to use. Cheers Paul and Kendor Textiles.