Our Partners

Our partners have helped us from product and logo design, testing gear, providing inspiring images, and most importantly sharing our values of developing a sustainable, climate neutral company. Without these partners our products and our message wouldn't exist. Some of these partners are compensated, others just want to help us out and give us guidance and test gear. We love them all. Check them out and their links below.

Aislin Fall
Aislin Fall Commercial Photography

Aislin collaborated on projects starting in 2022 and her style fits the vibe we love at JOOB - sustainable style and highlighting our planet. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she has spent much of her adult life travelling the world.

Alec Brown
Edinburgh, UK

Alec came to us through a mutual interest in sustainability and a passion for outdoor adventure.

Alec brings a youthful perspective to our collection while oozing authenticity of purpose in our brand. It's the ability to have a totally posed picture look as natural as someone who popped open their phone and clicked a few shots.

Look for more of Alec's images on our ads, website, and product pages.

Francisco Cao Zen
Lifestyle Photographer and Videographer - Spain via Argentina

Francisco is our Argentinian friend and collaborator now based in Spain who takes amazing stills and drone shots across a variety of activities. His ability to bing life to a piece of cloth is truly amazing.

Francisco is as passionate about susainability and environmental stewardship and that's why we like working with him.

Lauren Eva Lane
Billings, MT

Lauren brings a fresh vibe to the camera and shares JOOB's values of sustainability and climate neutral living. We actually found her when she bought the JOOB MiiR Camp Cup, and the rest is history. You can find Lauren in the mountains or on stage in NY one day soon.

Sterling P Taylor
Photographer, Director, Product Advocate, California

Climber, Photographer, Writer, Motorcycle Dirtbag, and Traveler.

Rob Herrmann
Denver, CO

Rob Herrmann is a content creator with a serious passion for the outdoors. He strives to find creative photography and videography solutions to all types of needs. Entirely self taught with a camera, Rob operates as a freelance photographer and has filled several roles in video production with companies including netflix and mtv. Although his main passions lie in the outdoors, there's no project that won't be considered. He focuses much of his efforts in the fly fishing and hunting industries but loves to keep producing new and different content for clients of all kinds. In his spare time you can find him fishing, hunting or somewhere outdoors with his beautiful girlfriend named Summer. 

Andy Cochrane
On the Road, Product Tester

Chapter 1: As the son of two park rangers, I built a lot of forts as a kid. I went on to guide whitewater trips in the Canadian Arctic.
Chapter 2: Post college I moved to SF, got an MBA, worked in software, and founded two startups. Then I jumped to outdoor industry and launched a marketing program from scratch.
Chapter 3: Now I live in a Tacoma with my dog Bea, searching for good ramen and trails to run. I work as a freelancer producer, writer, and photographer.
Chapter 4: Scheming the next big thing.

Alana Louise Lyons
Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Texas

Alana is an award-winning commercial artist specializing in illustration-driven design with a focus on branding and packaging. Previously leading teams in design, advertising, and tech environments, she now collaborates directly with clients and agencies as a full-time freelancer. When she is not working, she is fly fishing. That's her with flyrod in hand and her JOOB original Alana cap in herringbone flannel.

Colton Jacobs
Adventure Sports Photographer, Washington

First and foremost an athlete, creative mind and outdoorsman, Colton's passion for wide open spaces and adventure started long before he ever picked up a camera. In 2015 Colton launched into a full-time photography career after shadowing under several of Seattle's elite photographers. At age 27 he has already spent a decade working in the outdoor industry.  Colton is known for his ability to capture the human interaction amongst earths most delicate and pristine landscapes. His endurance, dedication and unique perspective make his work special.

Wil Claussen

Photographer, outdoorsman, optimist. Wil was one of our team members during a shoot out in Tacoma and took amazing stills that captured the outdoors and our product in harmony. You can find him in Seattle when he's not sailing, fishing, or filming.

Kelley Dodge
Longmont, CO

A travel loving, adventure seeker living in Colorado. When I'm playing in the mountains, you can always find me with a camera in hand and my pups Copenhagen & Finley in tow.

Please feel free to reach out to get a conversation started!

Zach Reed

Zach Reed is a traveling photographer and filmmaker based in Seattle, WA. Zach's adaptive style and unique perspective has enabled him to cover a wide variety of subjects. You'll find his work in print, web, and on television. He has gained recognition globally through his various social media accounts and was Emmy nominated in 2014 for his videography work on a local show

AJ Gottschalk

AJ is another one of our amazing photographers who focuses on flyfishing images but can also take some incredible food pics. He has helped us test out some of our prototypes while on a trip down to South Andros. His knowledge of flyfishing knows no bounds.

James Caroll II
New York

James is a long-time friend with shared interests in photography, fly-fishing, and outdoor gear. As owner of Old Souls, an outdoor shop in Cold Spring, NY - James would rather be outside than running a business - make that multiple businesses. If you head to Cold Spring you'll find Old Souls and next door is Barber and Brew - where you can get a cut, shave, and beer. Oh yeah, James also manages a wood flooring business in New York. And in his spare time he hosts fly fishing trips around the world - notably Kamchatka Russia and Kiribati. And one other thing - James takes a good picture or two.

Matt Grossman

Matt is one of our Michigan natives who has helped us out on a number of studio and lifestyle shots around Ann Arbor. He has multiple interests including software user experience, motorcycle rehab, and spending as much time outside as possible.

Benjamin Jenkins
Merithot, Michigan

Benjamin is a long-time JOOB collaborator, before JOOB was even in existence. Benjamin worked with us while at our former tech company, and his graphics were always kick ass. JOOB's elephant logo and type were designed by Benjamin, and his team has been working with us to build out our website and social media presence.

Luke Pearsall

Luke is an unpaid fan and has been helpful in getting the JOOB word out there. He shares our values of sustainability and supports small businesses. Cheers Luke!

Nicole Teufel

Nicole runs Blue Moon Wild Yoga in Ann Arbor and has been very helpful in setting up feedback sessions on women's activewear to guide some of our new products for women - she's wearing our latest women's tank prototype in this picture. She's an inspiring yoga coach and has taught Nicha and I a lot about yoga.

Steve Kessler
New York

Steve is a long-time friend and fly-fishing partner who travels the world with fly rod in hand. He was an early tester of our Day Pack, our Check button down, Everywhere pants and shorts, and our PolyAnna tees. He's brutallly honest and has been invaluable in tweaking our products to make them better.

Sean Monahan
New York

Sean is my brother and came up with the idea of naming our company JOOB, as well as helped in the creation of the elephant logo. I don't like to admit that he's a better skier than me but yes, he is. As COO of Stone Brewing, he's a key contributor to the spirits during our off sites.

Taylor Michael Burk
Vancouver, BC

Taylor is a landscape and adventure travel photographer. He creates meaningful, unique and innovative images that ignite a passion in his audience to gain a better understanding of our natural world. Through his unrelenting optimism and drive, he loves to take on challenges and consistently delivers beyond expectation.

Joanne Yeung
New York

Joanne is our partner at MCM Enterprises out of Brooklyn, and has been instrumental in bringing many of our products to market including our O-Coat, Beanies, and Everywhere pants and shorts. From initial prototyping to production to digitzing patterns - they have been a great partner.

PiBoon Manatpon
Bangkok, Thailand

Piboon is our fair trade partner out of Bangkok. He has a zero waste, low GHG factory that he designed and built modeling Toyota Production Systems processes - enabling his team to use small lot size, employee driven autonomy and quality control. His team is cross trained to develop every workers skills, and he pays well above average wages for Thailand. He has his own line of triathlete and sports wear he sells in Thailand - and is an avid triathlete himself.

Paul King
Vancouver, BC

Paul heads up Kendor Textiles and has taught JOOB what sustainable textiles is all about. He and his team have developed a unique partnership with mills around the world who are innovating and developing safer, environmentally friendly materials for brands to use. He's introduced us to the various certifications that identify sustainable fabrics, and continues to bring us new patterns to use. Cheers Paul and Kendor Textiles.

Steven Jones

Steven was our Day Pack designer and photo shoot manager for our Tacoma shoot. He's been instrumental in bringing our Day Pack to life, and is one of the most chill guys out there who loves our planet. Cheers Steven.


MiiR is a company that shares JOOB's values, and is our collaborator with our Camp Cup and future items. They have helped us spread the word on sustainability and have helped us reach new people with their partnership.

Eric Fallecker

Eric is a climber, lover of nature, and shares JOOB's values of doing right by nature, people, and realizing it's not all about profit. His post on JOOB nailed what we are all about. Cheers, Eric.