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JOOB's Cut and Sew Partner in Brooklyn, NY, MCM Enterprise

July 29, 2019

Developing an ecosystem of designers, cut and sew factories, and textile suppliers is pretty tough when you are just starting out. This is especially true when you are trying to find local production capacity. 

We were fortunate to connect with Joanne Yeung and MCM Enterprises, a Brooklyn, New York facility established in 1985, with core competencies in cut and sew production and assistance in pattern development and digitization.  

Joanne and the team have been a phenomenal help to JOOB throughout our launch process. Their Brooklyn team of 42 have worked on our beanies, pants, shorts, O-Coat (coming fall), and Check button-down. Their facility works towards zero waste with fabric trim recycled for the production of other products or given to local charities.   

And, they provide their team access to trade shows and educational seminars to update their skills while providing new technology to keep pace with the innovations taking place in the apparel business. 

One challenge that arose recently for our partner was the increasing cost of rent. Brooklyn is booming and developers and landlords are gentrifying many areas that used to be manufacturing hubs for a lot of garment makers. 

So how can we source locally if production locations are getting squeezed by high rents from developers adding more high-end condos and retail space?

The good news is that local politicians are helping out businesses like MCM. A new 40,000 square foot facility is being built to be opened in 2020, with a focus on garment production. 

MCM and others will soon have a new home that will share resources and therefore keep costs reasonable. States and local government agencies will need to develop these economic zones where there are reasonable rates for manufacturers so they can produce locally and innovate with the latest technology without breaking their wallets. 

MCM is also working on developing more agile manufacturing processes, so that minimum quantities can be offered while keeping costs relatively low.

That type of responsiveness is valuable to brands like JOOB who don't want to produce large batches months ahead of the season but would rather have small increments of production and adapt as demand occurs through the season. 

This means less waste and flexibility in design. Not so much fast fashion, but smart design and production with a slow fashion pace with minimal waste.  MCM is excited about this big move, and the new opportunities it will bring for their partners.

JOOB wouldn't be possible without incredible partners like Joanne and the MCM team - we're so grateful to have found them!

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