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Meet Alana Louise Lyons, Illustrator from Austin, TX

October 04, 2018

Alana Louise Lyons, Illustrator, Austin TX

As we build our assortment over time, adding creativity and style is an important part of that process. Enter Alana Louise Lyons, a talented artist from Austin, TX, who does illustration work for both products and packaging.

Having lived in — and frequently visited —Texas in the past, I liked the idea of having a part of JOOB in Texas. When we got on the call with Alana and found out she loves flyfishing, that solidified our perfect partnership. We are really glad to have Alana work with us on a few projects, including the MiiR Camp Cup and the eponymous Alana hat. Alana's illustrations instill a sense of old fashion feel with a modern flair, along with a great mix of colors that add to any product.

"As a fly angler and lover of the outdoors I was thrilled to work with JOOB since my hobbies aligned directly with their vision," says Alana. "I personally draw inspiration from tight lines, shaded woods, and dark skies to influence a design style that is honest, gritty, and imperfect. My process always starts with conceptualizing ideas that can best represent the brand prior to sketching with basic pen and paper. I refine all artwork on screen with my MacBook, mouse, and some Adobe Creative Suite programs, while bringing in the client as part of the process to ensure the work can be its absolute best."

We look forward to many more projects with Alana, and we hope you like our first product releases featuring her designs during our Kickstarter campaign. We're launching soon – stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out Alana's work on her Instagram and Dribble.

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