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Sustainable Collaboration: JOOB x BYOC Co. Pop-Up Event!

October 01, 2020

In recent years, there’s been a spark in the movement known as “zero-waste”, calling on individuals to revolutionize their lifestyle by completely ditching plastic wrappers, garbage, and anything that goes in the trash. The intent is all good, but the term can be “a bit intimidating to some people,” explains BYOC Co. founder Emma Hess, “so I prefer encouraging people towards ‘low-waste’ lifestyles.” The 23-year-old University of Michigan grad is on a mission to make it easier for folks to transition to ‘low-waste’ lifestyles through her company BYOC Co.. BYOC Co., which stands for “Bring-Your-Own-Container”, is a mobile refill station serving Southeast Michigan that offers all-natural household cleaning and personal care products- without the plastic packaging! 

Hess was first inspired to embark on this sustainable journey when she discovered and tried bar shampoo. From then on she became aware of just how much unnecessary plastic is involved in personal hygiene and care products, which motivated her concept of a refill station where customers bring their own containers and pay for just the product. Currently BYOC Co. operates through pop-ups at local community spaces such as Breathe Yoga Studio, Northern Chick’s Harvest Market, and even here at the JOOB HQ and showroom!

Earlier this month, JOOB had the pleasure of hosting one of BYOC Co.’s pop up events. Arriving bright and early, Hess and her team set up their station, introducing each product to the JOOB team along the way. There was everything from Citrus Fresh shampoo and conditioner bars to Green Tea + Eucalyptus hand soap, from Unscented laundry powder to Rosemary + Peppermint dish soap. BYOC Co. features all natural, vegan, and SLS-free products, not to mention some of their soaps are infused with essential oils for therapeutic effects. Customers, including long-time JOOB friends from Merithot and some of Hess’s pals from the U-of-M volleyball team, quickly loaded up on the sustainable personal hygiene and household cleaning goods. For folks who may have forgotten their own containers, BYOC Co. had a stash of clean and empty bottles and cans to reuse. Talk about a well thought out, closed-loop system!

At the heart of BYOC Co. is fostering community and positive experiences. “We don’t pressure customers to buy anything and welcome any questions about the products and/or low-waste lifestyles. I love just having conversations about sustainability,” Hess explains.

Currently products sold through the mobile refill station are sourced from various eco-friendly retailers, but Hess dreams of producing her own products down the line. Look out for future collaborations between JOOB and BYOC Co, and be sure to follow each of us on Facebook and Instagram

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