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Thanks for Joining the Earth Day Giveaway!

May 06, 2019

Congratulations to Alexandra for winning the JOOB Day Pack!  And congrats to all who participated in contributing to our Earth Day sticker giveaway. Your sticker will be shipped out soon, and we are sending $838 to South Pole for them to invest in our carbon reducing project in Thailand - The Siam Cement Biomass to Energy Project. 

This project enables five cement manufacturing plants to use alternative fuels and biomass residue, including rice husks, wood processing residue, and other agricultural waste. This saves 610,230 tons of CO2 equivalents every year.  In addition, the project funds a range of social and environmental programs including health clinics to service the neighboring communities, school scholarships, and the development of small-scale local industries. 
As a small startup company, it’s really rewarding and inspiring to see so many people get involved in this campaign! We look forward to hosting more of these events over the years!

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