JOOB 100% Recycled Collection

Apparel is one the greatest polluting industries, among the tops after oil and transportation.   In particular, activewear clothing is often made of polyester and nylon for performance stretch, yet these virgin synthetic fibers are often made of oils and chemicals that cause damage to waterways and high CO2 emissions. In fact, in 2015 the fast fashion industry generated 92 million tons of wastewater. Meanwhile, 80% of plastic bottles in the United States never get recycled.

The world needs to find a use for all the plastic we've created and discarded.  One process is the conversion of plastic bottles and other used plastic containers into beads that get spun up into a textile.  JOOB's Recycled collection uses this fabric to create a collection of tees, hoodies, and masks - removing post consumer plastic from landfill to be put to productive use.  And because we incorporate 100% recycled material, this mean that our fabric can be used and re-used to make a new shirt when someone is done with using the product.  Blended materials like 50% cotton/poly - can't get upcycled.  

  • The fabric we use follows GRS (Global Recycling Standards) and is certified post-consumer recycled PET. 
  • EPA Certified Chitosante treatment made from natural biomass that comes from crab and/or shrimp shells prevents growth of bacteria, keeping your shirt fresh, hygienic, and odor resistant.
  • Our Zero Waste commitment means we guarantee our product and will take back product for repair and reuse.  We are also working with our textile supplier to send back our recycled product to be used again as another product. 
  • We bring a simple aesthetic, tailored but comfortable feel to our products.  Technical but stylish enough to wear doing anything.