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Kickstarter Update #3 - Production Underway!

April 03, 2019

We wanted to send you an update as we head into production to deliver our products to our KS backers and to stock inventory in our digital store.  


  • We've sent a note to all of you about the coal black pack being available and received really positive feedback on this pack color.  Stephen Jones, our designer who's been instrumental in getting the kinks out of the final prototypes, will be heading to China next week to manage the initial production and we are targeting to get the packs shipped out for our Kickstarters by end of April - so you should expect these deliveries first week in May.  Sorry for the slight delay on this but we've had to get the pack shape and confirmation right when the pack is half empty.  Our initial prototypes were "slumping", so we've corrected this to be ready for our first production.  

Fish Tees

  • We've sent the backers who ordered the Fish Tee a note about the option of getting an allure blue vs. black option, and we are also offering both crew neck and v-neck options.  For those who selected a Fish Tee, please let us know as soon soon as you can - we should have these in JOOB's inventory to ship out by month's end.  

Poly Anna Tees

  • We are in production now having received our heat press labels that have our embedded QR codes along with our hem tags in black and green.  The shirts are really sharp and we'll be adding our tags that highlight our recycled PET origin for the tees.  Check them out below:
Recycled PET tags used for our Poly Anna tees
Recycled PET tags used for our Poly Anna tees

The Check Button Down

  • Our modal/silk blend  super light button down is in production and we've added western style pockets w/ mother of pearl button closures - along with a cool JOOB pocket tag to go with our hem tags.  We are on track to get production completed in the next few weeks and will get product to our Kickstarter pledges targeting end of April. 


  • Our Brooklyn NY cut and sew partner has helped us finish the O-Coat and we're really excited to ship this out as we complete production in the next couple of weeks.  We've tested this coat out on some recent trips and it's perfect for those 30-50 degrees F windy/rainy days - light but water resistant with a bit of stretch in the fabric and recycled PET to help our planet.  

Superfine Merino Beanies

  • We have finished production this week for all of our beanies,  and I"ll be receiving the product next week from our Brooklyn NY cut and sew partner to be shipping out to you guys.  I know you'll love this product - keeps you warm when cold, cold when hot - and simple to care for.  And we really think you guys will love the beanie tag we updated for production.  I've been wearing the last prototype pretty much all winter and will continue into spring and probably on those cool summer morning runs. 

Everywhere Bottoms

  • Our Everywhere pants and shorts are getting finished up next week and we'll be shipping these out soon after, so we are on target with and end of month shipment to our KS pledges.  We played around with zip front cargo pockets for the pants but they didn't look that sharp, so we simply made the front pockets a bit bigger to hold more items if required, and have two zipper back pockets for smaller items to keep safe for a run or workout.  

JOOB getting a boost from MiiR during Earth Month Celebration

As we are now into April, all things Earth Day and Earth Month will be gaining a bunch of visibility across all media.  We are fortunate to have our partner, MiiR, who is our supplier/partner that provides us the awesome Camp Cup that we use for our JOOB-designed creation, amplify JOOB's message through posts on their blog and Instagram accounts.  MiiR shares the same values that JOOB does in terms of giving back and helping on environmental initiatives, so we are glad to have them get the word out this month!

Look out for these mentions and learn more about MiiR from their website or Instagram posts.  Thanks MiiR for amplifying our message about sustainability, transparency, and helping the planet!!

Nicha (Jub) & John

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